Friday, December 31, 2010

Five Vi Rahmawati

A little Biographyof Five Vi Rahmawati:

Five Vi Rahmawati known as soap opera actress and advertising model star. Acting Emelisqi bilqis mother of this event can be found in BETAWI KOMEDI series, which aired in TransTV.

Vi itself is the former wife of a man from Malang, Setya Iwan Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006. Vi mengugat divorce her husband, after earlier often received a number of suaminnya violence.

Vi and ex-husband, and involved a protracted dispute about custody of their children by more Vi live and in the care of his father. To resolve any case Vi involving NGOs participated Children, National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) as a place to complain feud.

The court finally won the Five Vi over the custody of their children. However, the problem does not mean complete, because the former husband appealed and bilqis still in her father's arms.

Failed to build relationships locally, Five Vi seems to like 'product' out. After the end of the northern Germany who is a driver, now since mid-2009 he was making love with a man from Italy, Psenner Mark (Marco).

Beraktingnya career, Five began expanded to the big screen. He played in the movie WANT MORE in 2008. He becomes the newest major player in the wild GHOSTS SEMANGGI BRIDGE (2009). Unfortunately because of his appearance considered to be too challenging, the movie until now not yet live.


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